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Meet the Board of Directors

Come rain or shine, our Directors are working on making

Vocational STEAM Works a better program for our kids, in the Board Meetings and out in the field. 


John Ferreira

Business Owner 

John Ferreira has been the owner of a White Dragon  Kung Fu School for over 30 years. He's also in charge of the payroll for that chain of schools.

John's worked with kids for close to 35 year, helping to build their self-confidence, self-reliance and respect as a mentor and friend.

In 2017 John started the

Sifu Ferreira's Self Reliance Camp for kids K- 8th grade.  A camp that allows kids to push their limits with real world tasks, situations and problem solving. 

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John Pacente

Retired Business Owner

John Pacente started his career out of High School as a Mechanical Design Draftsman. His design and drawing abilities earned him the position of Process Engineer in a Investment Casting industry.  He later opened a Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) shop. At his shop where they produced everything from waveguides for Hughes to  Yamaha's prototype of their personal watercraft .  John has keep up with his drawing skills which started back in 1970.  When the new drawing program Auto CAD was released in the early 80's John returned to school to keep current in the field. Parametric Design is changing the drawing field again, not only in technique, but also in thinking.  John has been teaching the Parametric Design program Fusion 360 to students for the past 3 year.    

Volunteers  Needed

          Vocational STEAM Works is a non-profit Corporation  501 (c) (3)  that works with Students grades K-12.  We also encourage Middle and High School students to work with younger children. VSWR (VSW's rocketry club)  have students that are qualified to help Boy/Girl Scouts launch rockets for merit badges, or elementary school students with rocket science projects.  This is a win, win combination, elementary school students enjoy being help by older students and the Middle/High School students can earn their Community Service Hours.

          Note:   Students wanting to earn Community Service Hours should volunteer for the positions that have an * (asterisk) in front of it.


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