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About Vocational STE A M Works

Vocational STEAM Works (VSW) is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation that works with students to produce  STEAM/STEM projects. 

Whether it's a Rocket Competition, Robotic Competition, or a County Fair Entry it all needs to start as a Concept of Design.

At VSW we take our students step by step through the process of making an idea into reality.  With some projects a student will need to start with drawings.  We introduce these students to Fusion 360 which is a parametric design (you may remember it as Drafting in High School) program.  Fusion 360 is free to students so they can easily load the program onto their PC  and work on their project from home.   If the student's project needs 3D printed parts/pieces then we are able to accommodate them with our many different models of 3D Printers and programs needed to do so.  Projects that need to be presented at such places as County or Science Fairs will need some vocational skills, we can do that.  VSW teaches its students how to work with electric and sharp tools safely and efficiently.  With all these new skill sets students will have completed professional looking projects that they can be proud of. 


Extended Learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math

Whether it's your child's school, Girl Scouts Troop, Boy Scouts Troop or an after school club, Vocational STEAM Works can mentor your organization.

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